‘What would this girl from Stinking Creek do now?’

Just one girl on Stinking Creek in the last fifty years; this could be your story. Who was I or what was I to become? My early life was so limited to my family and my one-room school. Going to Knox Central started pretty rough for me as I had so many adjustments to make such as how to dress, act, use the facilities and a whole new social life. Making and finding new friends seemed so important with many new people and so many seemed to have their circle of friends. But I did make it and suddenly I found myself as a high school graduate supposedly ready for the world.

Do I stay at home and start the family cycle all over? I had taken courses in high school, did well in my studies and was eligible for college work. My teachers and guidance counselor even told me of places and situations where I could get advance education without much money. Several of my high school friends were talking about becoming nurses, teachers or other careers.

Then I remembered how hard it was for me to make the changes to high school. Would going to college be that hard? Would I go away to college, live in a dorm and away from my family? There were so many scary questions to think about that summer. To go to college meant definite planning; maybe it was easier just to sit back and see what would happen.

To add to the confusion High school life had introduced me to a world of the opposite sex. Most of my friends had boyfriends. I, too, had become acquainted to a nice boy from the creek, from a good family, my age, and even had a set of wheels. We could go places, see new things and make me feel special. We saw each other every day in school. I had a new-found security and world outlook. What would happen if I went away to school?

The summer months were slipping by and I had to make some decisions. Some of my teachers and friends were very helpful in helping me make the plans to do it; to leave the family and community and go away to college. I had done the necessary preparations with their help. I would leave home and become a teacher.

The middle of August had arrived and I was really planning to go; in fact I was excited about the new life, the challenges, the adjustment and the opportunity to become a part of college life. But suddenly a challenge stopped me short; a change of plans for me; a real obstacle―I was pregnant! Suddenly I was faced with making a whole new set of plans. What would this girl from Stinking Creek do now?