‘When wild honeysuckle vine covered the fence’

We have a honeysuckle tree in the back yard in full bloom and the sweet scent takes me back to my childhood. I take a deep breath close my eyes and return to a special place and time when wild honeysuckle vine covered the fence behind our house on the lane.  If I try hard to listen the recall of a whippoorwill is luring me back to play in the old pasture. The pasture is full of adventure, the cool morning air vibrates with the crocking and humming of insect living there.

The sudden cool breeze is soothing to my young face… The dew from the tall pasture grass is wet to my bare feet as I strike out to walk the pasture. The wild field flowers spread as far as my eyes can see, like a Monet Painting. A sudden hush falls over the pond as my presence invades the rhythm of the moment.  Dragonflies skim the surface of the pond water as I settle down watching the ripples from the whirl of their wings.  I see tadpoles darting around the cattails plants.  A passion of mine is to study and watch the tadpoles turn into frogs… As I sit by the pond I’m lost in the moment savoring the peace and quite of the morning.  Soon the pasture will echo with playful laughter when my younger brothers join me to play…  The call of the whippoorwill beckons me to follow it across the pasture nearer the woods, a place where the wildflowers grow.. I venture there from time to time to search of ruffled trilliums, wild violets, jack-in-the –pulpit nestled in the wild fern that grow close to the creek.

The whippoorwill calls and waits for my answer as I mimic its call.  With the passing of time it is comforting to me to return to a place that remains unchanged in my memory since childhood.

Members of my family call me “the memory keeper” and on occasion will write to ask me about and event or special happen from the past. Most of the time I recall the event and will remind them of what they were doing at the age and stage in question… I can thank my grandpa

Hammons for setting the example of keeping a daily journal and I have practiced for most of my life to follow his example.

I encourage everyone to write down as many memories and special events as possible. Even the one you think dull or not important. However dull the time seems one day might turns out to be one of the best memories, as you grow older. “Be the family Memory keeper,” family stories show history, as it is a procession of interlocking lives of a family and their place in time.

Millie’s thought for today; we are drawn together by sharing common experiences. I say often to enjoy the little things for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. 

Sometimes a person has to go back, really back to have a sense and under standing of all that’s gone by to make them who they are.

In huge of age I find peace in the memory of time spent in the pastureland where the water ran clear and my imagination took me to places of beauty just across the fence behind our house.

Mildred Higgins