When will Knox County Public Schools utilize Operation Snow School?

Special to The Mountain Advocate

KCPS will declare Operation Snow School days during periods of time when school is forced to be cancelled due to continuing hazardous road conditions. KCPS will NOT declare Operation Snow School each time school is cancelled.

How many times can the district declare non-traditional days?

The Department of Education will approve up to 10 non-traditional days provided that evidence supports that alternative methods of teaching and learning occurred each time.

How will we know which cancellations are Operation Snow School days and which are no school days?

KCPS will communicate that the day is a non-traditional, snowbound, or Operation Snow School day via automated telephone call and district website/social media. If the automated call or district communication does not state that it is a non-traditional day, then it will not be an Operation Snow School day.

Do the non-traditional days count towards the number of days that students must attend school or is it in addition to the school calendar days?

The Department of Education will review lesson plans and student work to determine whether the day will count as a state-required school day. We anticipate that the day will count as a school day / work day for students and staff.

Why doesn’t the district declare Operation Snow School each time school is cancelled?

We want to ensure that students have an opportunity to receive assistance and feedback on assignments that are part of Operation Snow School. We also understand that students may need extra time to complete assignments (eg: multiple students living in a household with one computer).

My child doesn’t have Internet at home and their teacher has given an online assignment. What should my child do?

Your child may use the computer lab at school before/after school to complete the assignment or visit the local public library to gain Internet access.   There will be time in the five (5) day turn in period for him/her to complete the assignment.   Your child’s teacher may also be able to provide a paper-copy assignment in lieu of the virtual.

How will these assignments be graded?

Teachers will grade the assignments following school and class grading policies. 

When will the assignments be due?

Assignments will be due five (5) school days following a non-tradition Operation Snow School day.

My child says that they don’t have an assignment for one of their classes. Who should I contact about this?

Contact the principal at your child’s school. You may also want to check the KCPS website (www.knox.kyschools.us) to see if an assignment has been uploaded.

My child’s teacher has sent home snow packets. Are these for the Operation Snow School days?

Teachers may send supplemental assignments, or homework, with students to complete. The assignments are not part of Operation Snow School but may be a part of his/her actual course work.

We only have one computer at home, how will this impact my children’s ability to complete the online assignments?

Students have a total of five (5) school days to complete assignments. We feel that this will give students time to share a computer, seek computer access at school, visit the local public library, or seek assistance from their teacher.

My child has an individual learning planning, what accommodations and support will he/she receive?

Special Education staff have been instructed to work with students/parents to provide support and accommodations.