‘Where do we find answers to questions and problems in our lives’

It is easy to misquote Psalm 121 to make it sound like we get our help from the hills but a second reading will say very plainly “My help comes from the Lord.” So where do we find answers to questions and problems in our lives. There are several places we can learn about God’s earth and its people.

I have had many excellent teachers in elementary and high school and colleges. I have always read about everything I can find and my parents took parenting very seriously. Excellent professionals in many areas have shared their expertise with me but the final learning came from hearing, listening and comparing what the mountains, the water, the weather, nature and all life around me had to say. All are eager to share their wisdom, but we must take the time to listen and study what is best.

Yes, nature has much to share, but this week I had the opportunity to study another way. Someone deposited two plastic bags of trash on our land. The dogs had helped scatter it about. I took three bags to organize the clean-up: one for burnables, the largest bag full; the second for recyclables such as pizza boxes, Dr. Pepper cans, soda cans and even beer containers and meatball tin cans; and the third bag for the rest which was not much.

So what lessons did I learn from this activity? Obviously someone did not make any effort to use available facilities to keep our environment clean and lessen the amount that needed to be put in the landfill. Is that because of ignorance of ways and places to dispose of unwanted materials? But that is hard to swallow because there are containers all over the county, even in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Obviously they have been in that parking lot. It can’t be lack of transportation because once again I have reason to believe they have been at Wal-Mart.

There were several clues such as the Barbourville Wal-Mart Pharmacy, Conner Hatfield, 784 Horn Branch Rd, Barbourville and the name Barbara Bargo. I just have to wonder who and why anyone would pass the several opportunities around town to travel six miles up Stinking Creek and up Roaring Fork rather than use these disposable facilities. Some of us up Stinking Creek want to do our part to keep our earth healthy and clean even willing to travel all the way to Barbourville.