Congratulations to Andy and Thank You to Daniel

November 16, 2023

To The Editor, Charles Myrick

The Mountain Advocate

First, let me join everyone with my congratulations to the winners of the election last week. A lot of Republicans on that stage, that’s for sure. In particular, I would like to congratulate our Secretary of State, Michael Adams, for the fine way in which he organized and oversaw the election just concluded; locally led by our own Knox County Clerk Mike Corey and his team. Well organized, well overseen.... no chance for doubt. Good for Michael and Mike, good for all of us.

And for usre, my congratulations to our Governor, Andy Beshear. In particular, I remember how calm and reassuring he was during the height of the COVID pandemic. But then, there were a dozen other good reasons to support his reelection. And so, good news for us all.

But mostly this letter is sent as a “thank you note” to Daniel Cameron. How pleasing it was to see the gracious way in which he conceded the election... and then again, to note the simple decency of his call to his colleague, Andy, to congratulate him on his victory. Yes, I call these two good men colleagues because they are both in the same business... the business of public service... they have both had the same calling.

I am reminded of that time two hundred plus years ago when our second president, John Adams from Massachuesetts, lost his re-election bid to Thomas Jefferson from Virginia. Strong rivals... and yet, entirely collegial when it came to supporting the core values of our young nation... most especially the peaceful transfer of power. Disappointed though he may have been, John Adams and his wife Abigail quietly packed up their belongings and boarded a carriage to take them back to Massachuesetts with nary a complaint about the legitimacy of the outcome. Setting an example for all the defeated contenders to follow... an example that has been followed by all but one... the one we know so well... alas.

As for John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, the interesting outcome was that later in their lives they developed a corresponding relationship... letters and all... and then they happened to die on exactly the same day, July 4, 1826. Somehow being simply decent with each other.

As was Daniel Cameron the other day... he was simply being decent with Andy... and then again with all of us.

Bill Daniel

Barbourville, Ky.

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